Speed View:

  • High visibility speedometer in portrait or landscape mode
  • Current speed, highlighted by limit colors
  • Green for below limit, orange for warning, red for alert.
  • Audible indication when you exceed alert limit
  • GPS based heading
  • Display in mph, km/hr, or knots


 Detail View:

  • Current speed, highlighted by limit colors
  • Maximum, Average, and Minimum speed
  • Distance traveled
  • GPS based heading
  • Elevation 

Map View:

  • Displayed map tracks your current location
  • View in Standard, Satellite, or Hybrid mode
  • Current speed, highlighted by limit colors

Setup View:

  • Enable Background mode operation
  • Enable Sound for audible alert
  • Set City and Highway speed limits
  • Select mph, km/hr, or knots

BetterWay Apps, LLC

"There has to be a better way...!" 


SpeedAlert++ provides a GPS based speedometer that includes SpeedAlert capability, providing visual and audible indication when speed limits are exceeded. 

Use SpeedAlert++ to monitor your speed, distance, and heading while traveling in your car, motorcycle, bicycle, boat, on the train or bus, or on your feet !

SpeedAlert++  -->  Speedometer w/ SpeedAlert PLUS:

  • Simple, easy to read display
  • Minimum, Maximum, and Average speed
  • Distance traveled
  • Heading
  • Elevation
  • Map view
  • Display in mph, km/hr, or knots
  • Background operation
  • Accuracy indicator shows GPS coverage

*** Designed for iOS 7 with NO DISTRACTING ADS ***

SpeedAlert++ helps you:

  • Avoid that speeding ticket !
  • Verify accuracy of your vehicles speedometer
  • Provide stats on your ride or run
  • Check the speed of your express train
  • Verify location with map view


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