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Pool Smart

Pool $mart provides the information needed to develop a solid understanding of swimming pool maintenance. By understanding these basic principles associated with water chemistry, you will be able to spend less time and money keeping your pool sparkling clean.

Pool $mart provides an overview of basic water chemistry to help you understand 'water balance'. By understanding how water balance impacts the chemicals you use to treat your pool, you ultimately use fewer chemicals.

A list of chemicals that provides simple, reliable results is also provided.


Enter information about your pool; finish, shape, and dimensions. If your pool is not a basic shape, select 'Other' and enter pool volume in gallons.

Then proceed to "Maitanence' tab...

Water tests are presented in order to guide the user through the correct sequence. Pass / Fail indication of test results helps keep progress on track.

Water readings are entered through a simple user interface. Based on this input, the program with calculate the amount of specific chemicals required to adjust water balance.


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